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* changelog and version bump to 0.02HEAD0.02masterJesse Luehrs2010-01-212-2/+7
* note that suggestions are welcomeJesse Luehrs2010-01-211-0/+2
* propagate void context correctlyJesse Luehrs2010-01-201-1/+6
* tests for mangle_return preserving contextJesse Luehrs2010-01-191-1/+28
* with_caller -> with_metaJesse Luehrs2010-01-191-7/+4
* add changelogJesse Luehrs2009-07-011-0/+4
* don't have only two args anymore0.01Jesse Luehrs2009-05-271-1/+1
* document guardJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+9
* add dep on Test::ExceptionJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+1
* test guardJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+31
* implement guardJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-1/+15
* tests for mangle_args and mangle_returnJesse Luehrs2009-05-272-0/+85
* make the basic test just be the synopsis testJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+0
* add documentationJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+116
* dist.iniJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+11
* basic test of functionalityJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+35
* load testJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+9
* initial implementationJesse Luehrs2009-05-271-0/+39