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* make a test safer, release0.08Rafael Kitover2010-08-041-1/+5
* support class_has with no isa, with testRafael Kitover2010-08-041-0/+2
* TODO-ify failing testsRafael Kitover2010-08-042-17/+18
* potential fixes for role problems.. doesnt solve everything though; will have...Karen Etheridge2010-07-291-0/+71
* add Test::NoWarnings; add (failing) tests for the use of MX::AlwaysCoerce fro...Karen Etheridge2010-07-293-3/+62
* TODO-ify MX::Method::Signatures testRafael Kitover2010-07-271-3/+7
* Updated test to properly handle a missing dependencyKaren Etheridge2010-07-271-4/+7
* switch to Test::Exception, add failing test for MooseX::Method::SignaturesRafael Kitover2010-07-132-14/+47
* actually apply Schwern's patchRafael Kitover2010-07-121-51/+0
* Only coerce if the accessor's type can coerce.Michael G. Schwern2010-07-121-0/+51
* add failing tests for types without coercion, add Schwern to CONTRIBUTORSRafael Kitover2010-07-121-1/+13
* Better diagnostics when the evals fail.Michael G. Schwern2010-07-121-2/+2
* remove t/00-load.t (was failing), release0.04Rafael Kitover2010-03-061-9/+0
* add test for has with coerce => 0Rafael Kitover2009-06-161-1/+8
* make coerce => 0 work for class_hasRafael Kitover2009-06-161-1/+6
* rewritten using metaroles, the Moose wayRafael Kitover2009-06-161-1/+0
* first releaseRafael Kitover2009-06-151-0/+28
* skeletonRafael Kitover2009-06-152-0/+21