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+# termcast
+This module is a client for the L<http://termcast.org/> service, which allows
+broadcasting of a terminal session for remote viewing. It can be installed
+either via `pip install termcast_client` or by downloading the standalone
+To run it, just run `termcast`. A new shell will open, and it will start
+streaming data to the termcast server. You can view the contents by following
+the instructions at [termcast.org](http://termcast.org/).
+## Detailed Usage
+ termcast [--host <host>] [--port <port>] [--username <username>]
+ [--password <password>] [command...]
+* `--host` defaults to `noway.ratry.ru`
+* `--port` defaults to `31337`
+* `--username` defaults to the contents of `$USER`
+* `--password` defaults to asdf
+* the command defaults to the contents of `$SHELL`, or `/bin/sh` if not set