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* changelogHEAD0.05masterJesse Luehrs2015-03-251-0/+2
* clean up changelogJesse Luehrs2015-03-151-2/+1
* Merge pull request #7 from SocialFlowDev/skaufman.attr_jsonJesse Luehrs2015-03-142-1/+17
| * make json an attr to allow dependency injectionskaufman2015-03-142-1/+17
* changelog0.04Jesse Luehrs2014-09-101-0/+2
* changelogJesse Luehrs2014-09-101-0/+1
* 5.19 doesn't exist on travis anymoreJesse Luehrs2014-09-101-1/+1
* Merge pull request #5 from merrilymeredith/masterJesse Luehrs2014-09-101-1/+14
| * Add keywords for border types as listed in PODMeredith Howard2014-07-231-1/+14
* changelog0.03Jesse Luehrs2014-07-041-0/+2
* changelogJesse Luehrs2014-07-041-0/+3
* also handle default colors here (#4)Jesse Luehrs2014-07-042-1/+3
* skip binary files with Test::NoTabsJesse Luehrs2014-07-041-0/+6
* mark excel files as bytesJesse Luehrs2014-07-041-0/+4
* packagingJesse Luehrs2014-07-042-8/+4
* Merge pull request #4 from ediblenergy/masterJesse Luehrs2014-07-041-4/+4
| * changed test expected dataskaufman2014-06-071-4/+4
* nope, i was wrongJesse Luehrs2013-10-293-11/+5
* add a utf8 decoder helperJesse Luehrs2013-10-293-2/+157
* changelog0.02Jesse Luehrs2013-08-291-0/+2
* changelogJesse Luehrs2013-08-291-0/+2
* fix this algorithm, again (jasonshaev)Jesse Luehrs2013-08-292-7/+33
* fix up the merge and autofilter stuff (#1)Jesse Luehrs2013-08-285-121/+177
* fix to docs and removed output from testJason2013-08-283-12/+5
* use row and column numbers instead of range for merge functionJason2013-08-285-12/+29
* modify docs around mergeJason2013-08-281-4/+7
* merge now supports formulas, and adjusted testJason2013-08-284-28/+87
* added autoformat and merge to data format documentationJason2013-08-271-1/+5
* removed cpan stuff, fix two typosJason2013-08-273-10/+2
* support for full autofilter functionalityJason2013-08-272-4/+12
* documentation for merge helper function and added a test demonstrating functi...Jason2013-08-275-1/+82
* remove data dumperJason2013-08-261-1/+0
* add support for merging cells and adding autofilter to a rowJason2013-08-262-4/+34
* changelog0.01Jesse Luehrs2013-07-181-0/+2
* dep on Excel::Writer::XLSXJesse Luehrs2013-07-181-0/+2
* fix rendering two spreadsheets with the same objectJesse Luehrs2013-07-182-18/+12
* add some testsJesse Luehrs2013-07-185-0/+672
* note issue with default valuesJesse Luehrs2013-07-181-1/+9
* need to load JSON hereJesse Luehrs2013-07-181-0/+1
* documentationJesse Luehrs2013-07-181-0/+397
* pod coverageJesse Luehrs2013-07-186-0/+51
* rename these scripts, and add abstractsJesse Luehrs2013-07-182-2/+4
* more docsJesse Luehrs2013-07-186-6/+132
* i can just document this in the Processor::Xslate docsJesse Luehrs2013-07-172-1/+2
* make this compileJesse Luehrs2013-07-171-2/+2
* document the generator side of thingsJesse Luehrs2013-07-173-0/+84
* stop guessing file type, and refactor a bitJesse Luehrs2013-07-175-48/+45
* abstractsJesse Luehrs2013-07-179-0/+9
* these don't need to be indexedJesse Luehrs2013-07-171-0/+10
* no reason to use List::MoreUtils hereJesse Luehrs2013-07-171-2/+1