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* changelogHEAD0.02masterJesse Luehrs2014-03-241-0/+2
* clean up formattingJesse Luehrs2014-03-242-4/+3
* changelogJesse Luehrs2014-03-241-0/+2
* packagingJesse Luehrs2014-03-243-11/+25
* fix formattingJesse Luehrs2014-03-241-1/+3
* Merge pull request #1 from mascip/mascipJesse Luehrs2014-03-243-6/+124
| * template_params dependency, to send parameters to the templatemascip (Pierre Masci)2014-03-193-6/+124
* changelog0.01Jesse Luehrs2013-03-081-0/+2
* changelogJesse Luehrs2013-03-081-0/+4
* fix tests for new oxJesse Luehrs2013-03-081-2/+1
* docsJesse Luehrs2013-03-081-23/+79
* gitignore and dist.iniJesse Luehrs2013-03-082-12/+22
* fix for new oxJesse Luehrs2012-11-121-2/+2
* a few more testsJesse Luehrs2011-10-042-0/+72
* don't pass around the empty hashref unless necessaryJesse Luehrs2011-10-033-3/+3
* don't allow this sugar here, want to be able to do something elseJesse Luehrs2011-10-031-1/+1
* make mappings directly available to templatesJesse Luehrs2011-10-033-0/+74
* this is exposed directly on the request nowJesse Luehrs2011-09-291-2/+2
* allow routing directly to the viewJesse Luehrs2011-09-296-0/+131
* remove test numbersJesse Luehrs2011-09-293-1/+1
* fix for ox changesJesse Luehrs2011-09-291-2/+2
* OX no longer exports depends_onShawn M Moore2011-08-011-1/+1
* Remove VERSION and AUTHORITY, dzil sets theseShawn M Moore2011-08-011-3/+0
* Add a dist.iniShawn M Moore2011-08-011-0/+16
* whoops, forgot to update these testsJesse Luehrs2011-03-242-10/+18
* allow hashes and hashrefsJesse Luehrs2011-02-171-2/+2
* exposing the request directly here seems wrongJesse Luehrs2011-02-171-1/+0
* ox takes care of this nowJesse Luehrs2011-02-141-11/+2
* need to override can tooJesse Luehrs2011-02-141-0/+1
* mapping is what i actually wanted hereJesse Luehrs2011-02-141-1/+1
* some simple testsJesse Luehrs2011-01-243-0/+81
* clean up a bitJesse Luehrs2011-01-241-5/+5
* more refactoringStevan Little2010-01-171-1/+1
* rough cut of the NibStevan Little2010-01-151-10/+12
* some more stuffStevan Little2010-01-082-0/+112
* inital checkinStevan Little2010-01-070-0/+0